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Hints & Tips


To help you enjoy your Dream Hawaii Vacation, we’ve collected these tips and hints that help you not only save money, but also fit right in with the locals…



Air Travel
– Airfare: Saving money on
– Airport Security Checkpoint Tips
– Laptop Through Security
– Travel sickness
– Jetlag avoidance
– Connecting flights
– Island-hopping
– Agricultural inspection
– Practical Tips for U.S. Travelers

Essential Facts
– Big Island of Hawaii: Essential Facts
– Kauai: Essential Facts
– Maui: Essential Facts
– Oahu: Essential Facts

Packing for Hawaii
– What to bring
– Sports gear advice
– Packing your bags
– Dressing for Hawaii
– Be Prepared for Paradise

– Time Zones
– ICE Number in Your Mobile Phone
– When to visit
– Worry-free electrical
– Disability traveling
– Planning Your Hawaii Wedding
– Wedding Advice from the Professionals
– Accommodation checklist
– B&B: Thinking of trying a B&B?

Tales of the Hawaiian Islands
– “Aloha Oe,” by Jack London
– “The House of Pride,” by Jack London
– “Chun Ah Chun,” by Jack London
– “Good-Bye, Jack,” by Jack London
– “Jack London, by Himself,” by Jack London
– “Koolau the Leper,” by Jack London
– “The Sheriff of Kona,” by Jack London




“Local Style”
– Superstitions
– Courtesies: “Local-style” etiquette
– Winward & Leeward: Sides of the Islands
– Foods: “Local-style” delicacies
– Hawaiian Terms for People
– Top 20 Hawaiian Words to Learn for your Trip

– Flower Lei Exchange
– Best Romantic Places in Hawaii
– Marriage License: Need One?
– Wedding locations

– Water Safety
– Surf Warnings & Precautions
– Hiking Safety
– Driving: “Click it or ticket” law
– Rental car insurance

– Helicopter flightseeing tips
– Snorkeling successfully
– Monk Seals: Guidelines for Viewing
– Whales: Guidelines for Watching
– Manta Rays

– Hawaiian Massage
– Nude Beaches
– Flower Lei: How to preserve
– Healthy eating
– Big Island: Farmer’s Market
– Kauai: Farmer’s Market


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