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Ask the Big Kahuna

“Answering the most perplexing visitor questions”

You asked – he answered. The Big Kahuna answers the most perplexing visitor questions about Hawaii vacation, Hawaii travel, and so much more…

Big Kahuna knows best…

– About the Islands –
– Adventures –
– Flora & Fauna –
– Hawaii’s Food –
– Hawaiian History –
– “Local” Customs –
– Traveling –

About the Islands

The Big Kahuna gives you the N-E-W-S (North-East-West-South) of all points and the lay-of-the-land in Hawaii…
Q: Where in Hawaii is Obama?
Q: Why is it called Diamond Head?
Q: What is the best time of year to visit Hawaii?
Q: Which months receive the most rainfall?
Q: Is there really a “green flash” at sunset in Hawaii?
Q: What is the time difference in Hawaii?
Q: Can you tell me how to find the “Blue Hole”?
Q: Where can I see an active volcano with red lava?
Q: What can be learned about volcanoes on Kauai and Oahu?
Q: Is the volcano on Maui active?
Q: What’s the big deal with Mauna Kea?


The Big Kahuna advises the adventurous about the adventure that is Hawaii…
Q: Can you swim and snorkel in Hanauma Bay?
Q: Are there any nude beaches in Hawaii?
Q: Where are the good scuba diving spots in Hawaii?
Q: Can you really snow ski in Hawaii?
Q: Where is a quiet place to learn to surf?
Q: Where can I safely swim with dolphins and other sea life?
Q: Can you really fish for trout in Hawaii?
Q: NFL Pro Bowl at Aloha Stadium – What’s the scoop?
Q: Is it legal to walk the Haiku Stairs?
Q: How can I get to Kauai’s inaccessible beaches by helicopter?
Q: Can you help me find some unforgettable Oahu golf courses that are not too expensive?
Q: Where are the best snorkeling spots in Hawaii?

Flora & Fauna

The Big Kahuna communes with the flowers and wildlife of Hawaii and shares their secrets with you about the birds & bees and flowers & trees…
Q: What’s the deal with all the wandering chickens?
Q: Why does Hawaii have a tradition of giving flower leis?
Q: What is the difference between endemic and indigenous?
Q: Which island is best for sighting the Hawaiian state bird, the nene?
Q: When and where can you see whales in Hawaii?

Hawaii’s Food

The Big Kahuna, sometimes affectionately referred to as “King Stomach,” serves up culinary tidbits about the delicacies of the islands…
Q: Is “shave ice” the same as a snow cone?
Q: Which fish are the best to dine on?
Q: Do you know the recipe for an authentic Hawaiian Mai Tai?
Q: Is there an easy way to open a coconut?

Hawaiian History

The Big Kahuna looks into the past and brings the story of Hawaii into the present to answer your questions about the tales of the ancients…
Q: Did ancient Hawaiians really navigate the Pacific Ocean without instruments?
Q: What is Puukohola Heiau on the Big Island?
Q: Is there a museum in Honolulu?
Q: Why hasn’t the infamous Coco Palms Hotel been restored?
Q: Where on Oahu are the Waioli Tea Room and Chapel?
Q: Do you actually get to go on the ship at the Pearl Harbor Memorial?
Q: Which island has the “Place of Refuge” on it?

“Local” Customs

The Big Kahuna, the “local boy” that he is, clarifies for inquiring minds the inside scoop on the ways of the people who live on the islands concerning secrets only the locals know…
Q: What is that thumb and little finger hand signal called?
Q: Where is the best spot to gather shells?
Q: I’m clueless as to tipping. Who do you tip in Hawaii?
Q: Are you the Big Kahuna with the record of eating the most pineapples?
Q: What do I need to know before going to a Luau?
Q: Is the free hula show still running in Kapiolani Park in Waikiki?
Q: What is the Hawaiian board game played with black and white rocks?
Q: Can you tell me something about Aloha Festivals?
Q: Do the islands’ names mean something special?
Q: Do they have special holiday greetings in Hawaii?
Q: Does bad luck come from removing Hawaiian artifacts?


The Big Kahuna has thoroughly traveled the islands (sometimes using only his astral plane) and reveals the answers to your curiosities about your journey in and around this fine state…
Q: Can you shed some light on the Peaceful Traveler Creed?
Q: Can I bring my pet on vacation?
Q: Are there ferries between the islands?
Q: What companies provide flights and tours of the various islands?