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Successful Snorkeling

Who could be a better snorkel-teller than Hawaii’s Snorkel Bob himself? So, we are happy to present Snorkel Bob’s Snorkeling Safety and Health Tips.

1. Snorkeling is a buddy sport. You help your buddy. She helps you.

2. Never turn your back on the ocean. (It’ll whomp you.)

3. Always observe- surf, current, wave sets, surge on reefs/rocks.

4. Avoid wana (vonna) – black sea urchin. Your snorkel first-aid kit would include, peroxide, aspirin for sunburn, & cigarettes. Tobacco kills most stings. So does making shishi on sting, but I, Snorkel Bob, know that this can really test a friendship.

5. Enter and exit from a sandy beach area.

6. Never swim against a current, swim diagonally across it.

7. Avoid snorkeling at dusk.

8. Friends don’t let friends snorkel drunk (or stoned—no matter how groovy the colors are).

9. Don’t snorkel in a strong offshore wind.

10. Duck or dive under breaking waves before they reach you to avoid their bully force. Don’t try to jump over them or turn your back to them.

11. I, Snorkel Bob, wear SPF 20 and a t-shirt, rash guard and swim cap while snorkeling in the intense Hawaiian sun.

12. Fish Food is hereby denounced by me, Snorkel Bob, especially the stuff sold by the ton as environmentally correct. It ain’t. And also especially LEsueur Peas and stale bread. The plastic wrappers tend to clog my, Snorkel Bob’s, ocean, and all that crap constipates my, Snorkel Bob’s, little bitty fish buddies.

The above tips are courtesy of, who else, Snorkel Bob himself.

And here’s a “Baker’s Dozen” tip from our very own Big Kahuna:

  • If you wear glasses, be sure to ask for a mask with “vision correction,” so you will fully enjoy the spectacular sights of the undersea world.


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