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Hawaiian Massage

As you plan your Hawaiian vacation you, no-doubt, have your itinerary filled with Hawaii activities, like snorkeling, swimming, hiking, biking, sight-seeing, dining and shopping. But don’t overlook the much deserved relaxing and pampering that a Hawaiian Massage can bring. Most spas and massage therapists offer the traditional Hawaiian Massage, the Lomi-Lomi, as well as a variety of traditional treatments. Many of the spas offer treatments that feature local ingredients, such as sugar, coffee, honey, and macadamia nut oil. Try a massage on the beach for the ultimate in relaxation. Or have the massage therapist meet you at your hotel room or vacation rental.

A traditional Hawaiian massage is a great way to enhance your Hawaiian experience.

Below is a list of Spa/Massage Treatments available at various spas or from individual massage therapists throughout Hawaii:

    • Lomi-Lomi Massage:
      A Traditional form of Hawaiian massage using broad, long-flowing rhythmic strokes that may also include tropical oils.
    • Pohaku Lomi/Hot Stone Massage:
      Using the Lomi-Lomi technique, hot lava stones are used to massage and relieve sore, tight muscles.
    • Lomi’iwi Massage:
      Lomi-Lomi massage techniques are used along with local herb-soaked hot towels.
    • Shiatsu Massage:
      A traditional Oriental technique that uses the shi (finger) atsu (pressure) to key acupressure points to stimulate energy flow (chi). Usually performed without the use of oils.
    • Ashiatsu:
      A deep foot-massage using shiatsu techniques.
    • Swedish Massage:
      A traditional Western technique that uses three basic strokes: long, kneading and circular, focusing on flushing toxins from the tissues and reliving tension.
    • Thai Massage:
      A massage technique that manipulates the body by using unique positions, stretching and focuses on pressure points.
    • Kahakai (Beach) Massage:
      A massage along side the beach with soothing sounds of the ocean waves.
    • Reflexology:
      Focusing on reflex points of the hands and feet to relieve stress and tension.
    • Reiki:
      An ancient Japanese method of hands-on healing.
    • Seaweed Body Wrap:
      The skin is covered with a warm mineral-rich seaweed wrap to cleanse and detoxify the body.
  • Clay Body Masque:
    The body is painted with a clay masque blended with essential oils and aloe to detoxify, hydrate, and re-mineralize the skin

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