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Healthy Eating on the Road

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Healthy Eating on the Road

While you’re sightseeing, the quest to find healthy food on the road gets a little complicated. It isn’t impossible, though. Try some of these suggestions:

Rather than relying on roadside greasy spoons for nutrition, pack a variety of nutritious foods in a cooler filled with ice packs. Fruits and raw vegetables, sandwiches, individual packages of crackers, yogurt and granola bars are quick and easy solutions for the road. A good source for finding fresh goodies is the local farmer’s markets (go back to the Hints & Tips for links).

Also, pack a few bottles of water, so you don’t become tired and dehydrated while driving. If you have to stop at a drive-thru, don’t. Get out and go to the salad bar — the walk will do you good to stretch your legs. Don’t order a hamburger, especially with cheese, and skip the condiments and the fries — they’ll all slow down your vacation.

Just make sure you don’t drive too long without eating. Always stop at a rest area — or better at the beach — to eat (especially with children, who run the risk of choking when fed while in a car seat)… and stay away from sugary snacks. In Hawaii, fresh foods grow everywhere and eating them is part of the Hawaiian experieince to enjoy.

Source: American Society of Travel Agents

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