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Plan your dream Hawaii vacation here, the ultimate vacation match-making service!

Simply fill out the following form and, based on your desires, you will receive free, no-obligation information from providers (like accommodation, activity, wedding, travel companies, etc.) who will make your dream Hawaii vacation a true trip to paradise.

There is absolutely no cost to you, no obligation, and the providers never receive your email address unless you later contact them yourself.

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Upon the submission of this form, you will begin receiving email responses from Hawaii visitor businesses who are Affiliates of the Hawaii State Vacation Planner and who offer services and products that might be of benefit to you. You will also likely receive brochures and other information in the mail over the coming weeks. If you listed your telephone number on the original form, you may also receive telephone calls from Hawaii visitor-oriented businesses. In addition, you will also receive for free TNT NewsHawaii, a monthly electronic newsletter filled with interesting, fun, and useful Hawaii Vacation information.

Please remember that all businesses contacting you are individual Affiliate companies and not directly related to H&S Publishing, LLC. These companies include both large and small operations and are located on all of Hawaii’s islands (a very few may be located on the U.S. Mainland). Though we rarely receive a consumer complaint due to our pre-screening process of companies, we take any consumer concern seriously and we are evangelical regarding consumer privacy.

VRA9313, LLC. is a private company and is not connected to, nor endorsed by any government agency. By submitting this form, you acknowledge that you are an adult.

To avoid receiving duplicate information, please press the submit button only once. As they say in the islands, “Mahalo” (thank you).