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The Maui Vacation Planner is part of the Hawaii State Vacation Planner network and provides complete travel and vacation rental information for Maui, Hawaii.

This excellent vacation and travel planner includes complete listings of most hotels and activity businesses plus Maui weddings and marriage information. This complete Maui travel guide also has information on Maui vacation rentals, bed and breakfasts, and activity services including golf, scuba, wedding planners, fishing, hiking, camping, and boating.

To fully explore the magical Hawaiian island of Maui, click on any of the photo categories listed above. Within each section, you will find complete and useful travel information.

If you would like to receive even more personalized travel and tour information, just fill out the Maui Vacation Information Request. Within a few days, you will receive a variety of travel information designed especially to fulfill your individual and personal needs.

The Maui Vacation Planner contains valuable vacation information both for the tourist as well as the business traveler. In addition to listings and website connections to hotels, bed and breakfast operations, and beachfront vacation rentals, the Maui Vacation Planner is an excellent resource for visitors and tourists planning to get married in Hawaii.

If a Hawaiian wedding is not on your agenda you might want to check out scuba diving, horseback riding, or possibly deep-sea fishing. All of this and much more (helicopter tours, zodiac and boat excursions, snorkeling, hiking, camping, etc.) can be found in the activity section contained within the various sections listed above. For the golfer, Maui has a wide variety of unique, challenging, and absolutely gorgeous world-class golf courses.

This comprehensive Maui travel guide also features a selection of beautiful maps and a calendar of events to help you plan your dream Hawaiian vacation.

Maui accidents can happen. We recommend working with a local Maui attorney if you’re injured while on your vacation. Additionally, keep in mind that Maui is like many other cities in the United States. Maui Police are vigilant and if your vacation goes south reach out to our friends at Maui Defense for help.