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Trying a Bed & Breakfast

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Trying a B&B

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Trying a Bed & Breakfast

For first time Hawaii Bed & Breakfast goers…

If you have never stayed at a bed & breakfast, the first thing you might say when you walk through the door is, “Wow, this is your home!”

Most Hawaii B&B innkeepers do reside in the B&B or on the same property in another dwelling. Innkeepers are local folks who have all sorts of information to share about the area and special Hawaii attractions.

Some offer full breakfast service, others are more low key, stocking a fridge for your self-serve breakfast in the morning. You have to do just a little searching to find a situation that matches your needs.

Get information directly through Best Places Hawaii under the B&B section of Accommodations for your favorite island. Book ahead – 3 months or more if possible.

With their reservation application, many B&Bs will include a questionnaire that helps them know what you’re like and what you like. Check for minimum and maximum stays, and telephone your host to initiate the personal touch that can make a B&B a memorable Hawaii vacation visit.

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