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Best Romantic Places in Hawaii

Is it the breath-taking natural beauty of the islands or the bliss that ultimate relaxation brings that inspires an almost magical romance in couples who visit? Perhaps it’s a combination of both.

To learn the answer, try a few of these unique suggestions to enhance your romance during your visit.

Many helicopter companies offer a private flight for two including a drop-off at a secluded area where just the two of you can enjoy a picnic lunch. Unfortunately, they do come back later and you have to leave the wonder of the moment. Visit our island-specific In the Air section for more information: Kauai – Oahu – Maui – Big Island

Walking or hiking through a botanical garden or a tropical rainforest is very peaceful and romantic. Your senses of sight and smell are especially stimulated. Visit our island-specific On Land section for more information: Kauai – Oahu – Maui – Big Island

Sunset cruises are a perfect way both to enjoy a delicious meal and then hold each other as you watch the sun melt into the Pacific. Visit our island-specific On the Water section for more information: Kauai – Oahu – Maui – Big Island

Casting yourselves away on a deserted beach makes for a very romantic afternoon together. Each island has miles of beautiful beaches with the state boasting more coastline than any other in the country. Take a beach blanket with you while you drive around the coast and spy a beach that doesn’t have many people on it. If you would like to get snorkel/scuba gear after your arrival (so you don’t have to lug it on the plane), visit our island-specific In the Water section for more information: Kauai – Oahu – Maui – Big Island

Plan a night of tropical romance in your room. Start by giving your love a beautifully scented lei. A white ginger lei is a great choice to symbolize your pure love and it smells heavenly! To enhance the evening’s romance, add a splash of tropical flowers, chocolate-covered strawberries, tropical fruit, wine, or champagne, sexy negligée, and scented candles. The rest is up to you. Visit our island-specific Accommodations section for more information: Kauai – Oahu – Maui – Big Island

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