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Flower Lei Exchange in Wedding Ceremonies

A Hawaiian tradition that will make your wedding especially romantic is to include a lei exchange in your ceremony. Each of you in turn places a lei around the neck of the other (always with a kiss) while your officiant speaks of the significance. This ritual lends an elegant and deeply intimate note to your ceremony, one you will remember for a very long time.

Choosing the best leis for the ceremony can be very confusing, but you can’t go wrong with a maile. A lei of the “royal” open-leafed maile is used only at special occasions and celebrations. The leaves dry wonderfully and retain their aroma for quite a while, and so will be a keepsake of your special day much longer than most flower only leis.

The maile can be intertwined with flowers if you wish. The deep green contrasts beautifully with almost anything – fragrant white blooms, lovely orchids, and baby rosebuds, to name a few.

Source: Rev. Libby T. Kelson-Fulcher

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