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What to Bring

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What to Bring

When packing for Hawaii, the best advice is: Less is more.

With that idea in mind, here’s the short list of what to bring on your trip to Hawaii:
1. Sunscreen (or get locally, immediately)

2. Sandals (slippers, flip flops, shower shoes, zori’s)

3. Mask (prescription masks are available), snorkel, and fins (or rent locally instead)

4. Hiking clothes: Hooded sweatshirt and sweat pants for hiking at higher elevations (it can get cold)

5. Lightweight raincoat or poncho (for mountain/rain forest hiking)

6. Shoes & hiking boots (if going hiking)

7. Old, well-worn aloha shirt

8. Two bathing suits (one to wear while the other dries) and a cover-up

9. Camera and film

10. Flashlight (if the sun goes down before your hike ends or for nightwalks on the beach)

11. Backpack and water bottle

12. Hat for sun protection and No Tan Lines Clothing

13. Casual clothes: Shorts and lightweight cotton clothing

14. Travel Supplies

15. Bags, Luggage, or Backpacks to put it all in

16. Troubles to leave behind

Many of the above items can be purchased in Hawaii. Most of the local merchants and stores carry all the necessities for your Hawaiian vacation. Not only will Hawaii shopping help you find what you need, it will also be a fun and cultural activity.
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