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Wedding Locations

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Wedding Locations

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Wedding Locations

So you’ve decided that you, too, want to be married in paradise on one of the gorgeous islands of Hawaii? The islands are a perfect backdrop for weddings, engagements, vow-renewals, and eloping. Here are a few location suggestions for that special moment:

1. In a quaint, historic church.
2. At sunset on any of the pristine beaches.
3. Under azure waters, while scuba-diving.
4. In front of the crystal flowing waters of a picturesque waterfall.
5. In a lush, tropical garden.
6. At one of the luxury resorts.
7. On a private river boat cruise.
8. On a private estate.
9. On the turquoise Pacific in a chartered sailboat.
10. At the Coco Palms (Kauai), the scene of Elvis’ wedding in “Blue Hawaii.”

You can spend a little or you can drop a small fortune — either way, memories to last a lifetime will be made.

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