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Where’s the blue hole?

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We have been told about a place called the BLUE HOLE. We are told it is at the base of mountain “Waialeale” on Kauai. We have not been able to find it on any of the information that we have. Could you tell us some things about the area? Could you also tell us how to get to the “Blue Hole” from the Poipu area?

R & J


Dear R & J –

I’m glad you asked about the Blue Hole, because it’s one of the many unique places on Kauai, the incredible Garden Island.

You are correct that the Blue Hole is at the base of Mt. Waialeale, which is known as one of the wettest places on earth. The ‘Blue Hole’ is not a hole, but rather a large pool fed by two streams and a waterfall. Blue Hole rests just outside the cylindrical cavity of an old extinct volcano. The view before you offers 2000-foot vertical walls draped with waterfalls – a benefit of the rain. This is the spot where the waterfalls converge into a river.

The Blue Hole is accessed from Kuamoo Road (Route 580) which is in Wailua, on the east side of Kauai. Poipu is on the south side. So, travel from the south side in Poipu to the east side in Wailua. Kuamoo Road (Route 580) is adjacent to the Wailua River at the historic Coco Palms Resort (of Elvis and the film “Blue Hawaii” fame).

The Blue Hole is quite a ways up the mountain, beyond state-improved roads, and you’ll probably need a 4-wheel drive vehicle. Expect a bumpy ride. Beyond the drive-able portion is a long hike up a riverbed, but the flora and fauna of Kauai you’ll enjoy are unmatchable and worth the trek.

The easiest way to go is with a company that provides experienced and knowledgable guides who can offer historical information and short side tours on the way there. They do recommend that only people who are at least “moderately fit” undertake the trip. Advanced hikers can continue past Blue Hole and traverse the more difficult trails leading into the center of Waialeale crater.

The sight of the myriad of waterfalls is certain to be one you’ll remember forever!

Big Kahuna