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Obama Hangouts

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Since President Obama is from Hawaii (among other places), he must know the best places to go. So, where does Barack Hawaii Obama hang out in the islands these days?

Bella Gojovitch
Chicago, IL


Aloha Bella,

Where Barack Obama goes today in Hawaii and where he used to go before he became President can be different places, my Chicagoland friend. Some of his new choices may be influenced by the Secret Service, of course.

Since you asked about his current travels, I can tell you that he naturally favors Oahu, the island on which he went to high school (Punahou School).

Obama doesn’t miss a photo op at Pearl Harbor at the USS Arizona Memorial — a place worthy of anyone’s visit, however, lest we forget. During his youth, he would frequent Sandy Beach near Hanauma Bay on the southeast coast of Oahu, itself a world-renowned snorkeling spot, and he likes to return there. His mother’s ashes were scattered near the Halona Blowhole (also on Oahu), so he visits there.

Obama sightings have also been reported here (all on Oahu):
– National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific at Punchbowl
– Olomana Golf Links
– Luana Hills Country Club
– Nuuanu Pali Lookout

Barack and his daughters like shave ice and have been sighted here:
– Island Snow in Kailua (East Side)
– Matsumoto Shave Ice (North Shore)
– Waiola Shave Ice in Kapahulu (near Waikiki)

He likes plate lunches and his stomach has been sighted here:
– Rainbow Drive-In (Honolulu)
– Zippy’s (Honolulu)
– Grace’s Inn (Honolulu)

For upscale eating, the President has brought his palate here:
– Indigo (Chinatown)
– Alan Wong’s (Honolulu)
– Sakura Restaurant (Waimanalo)
– Mariposa (Honolulu)

Other Obama fav’s include:
– Chowder House (Honolulu)
– Kua Aina Sandwich (Honolulu)
– Baskin-Robbins (Honolulu, where he used to work)
– Koko Marina Paradise (Honolulu)

Apparently, Barack Obama has eaten in more places than George Washington has slept.

Where do the Obama’s stay while visiting Hawaii?

They are known to sojourn at Paradise Point Estates, an enclave of three homes at the end of a private road in the exclusive beachside community of Kailua, located on Oahu’s East side. The Obama’s occupied an $11 million property featuring 5,000 square feet of interior living space and a 1,900 square foot lanai. A lush garden and lagoon-like pool with a waterfall and hot tub highlight the home, which is called Plantation. African mahogany sliding glass doors separate the ocean view from an expansive interior featuring Peruvian stone structures and Italian marble floors. Some have dubbed it: Obama’s Presidential Suite.

You can rent the Obama Vacation House!

In any case, Hawaii is in Barack Obama’s blood. Michelle Obama told David Mendell (Barack’s biographer), “You can’t really understand Barack until you understand Hawaii.”

Barack Obama himself is quoted as saying, “What’s best in me, and what’s best in my message, is consistent with the tradition of Hawaii.”

So, you see Barack Obama has some very personal reasons for doing what he does in Hawaii and so should you. Pick those things to do, places to go, and see that have meaning to you and you will have the most enjoyable experience, almost by definition.

“Yes you can” design your own vacation in Hawaii — see Best Places Hawaii’s Vacation Planner, a free vacation match-making service, for designing your own Hawaii vacation:
Hawaii Vacation Planner.

When visiting Hawaii, however, the Big Kahuna votes for leaving your politics behind, and just enjoying yourself…

Big Kahuna