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Past Winners
The Love Stories of Hawaii section formerly featured a yearly contest that awarded a Hawaii trip to the writer of the winning story. Though no future trip contest is currently planned, you can still submit stories for your loved ones. If a new contest is announced, it will be posted here.

The Grand Prize Winner for 2006 was Brenda Cole from Reisterstown, MD for her winning story, “Consider Yourself Warned”. Brenda’s story is about her and her husband’s lifestyle change after a relaxing trip to Hawaii. Before Hawaii, their high-powered careers, busy schedules and unbalanced priorities provided a glamorous lifestyle, but the magic of Hawaii changed their lives forever.

The Grand Prize Winner for 2005 was Anna Akulyan for her winning story, “From Near Death to True Love” about how her near drowning in Hawaii turned into a true love experience. Anna’s story is dedicated to Jan.

The Grand Prize Winner for 2004 was Ron Etue of Athens, Texas who dedicated his winning story “What If” to his wife Christy. A once-in-a-lifetime meeting leads them to ponder “what if” they hadn’t met the way they did, and draws them closer as they realize that no matter what, they were meant to be together. They found out, as many do, that Hawaii has the power to bring perfect couples together.

The first Grand Prize Winner for 2003 was Mary of Toronto, Ontario Canada who dedicated her winning story “Robbery Was Our Fate” to her husband. A chance meeting and a whirlwind romance (2 days) convinced this young woman that he was the one. They corresponded but accidentally lost track of each other–the missing address! Three years later he found her mother’s address. They reunited and then married. He encouraged and inspired her to finish her college education and she would like to show her love and gratitude by surprising him with a trip to Hawaii.

The second Grand Prize Winner for 2003 was Brantley Forgy of Killdeer, North Dakota. He dedicated his winning story “Truly Honey” to his true “honey” and wife, Twila. His story shows us the magical powers of the Hawaiian Islands. After 20 years of marriage, a visit to paradise renews the love and passion in their lives.

The first Grand Prize Winner for 2002 was Lu Pierro, of Asbury, New Jersey who dedicated her winning story “Our Hawaiian Adventure: Paradise is a State of Mind” to her husband John. Unable to afford an actual Hawaiian honeymoon, Lu created their own Hawaii paradise in a New York City Hotel room. After 30 years of marriage, the couple will finally get to experience the “real” thing.

The second Grand Prize Winner for 2002 was Mandy Radaczynski of Anjou, Quebec. She dedicated her winning story “Life’s Little Wonders” to her husband, Martin, who is still keeping the romance alive. Martin’s scavenger hunt, spelling out the word H-A-W-A-I-I, lead Mandy to a surprise trip to Hawaii and “another one of life’s little wonders…”

The Grand Prize Winner for 2001 was Robert Springer, of Littleton, Colorado. His winning story “Grandpa’s Lesson” is dedicated to his grandmother and grandfather. A honeymoon dinner with your grandparents may not seem like the start of a love story, but that’s where the lesson begins.

The lucky storyteller in 2000 was Chuck Souder of Rudd, Iowa who dedicated his story “The Waikikian” to Dianne, his bride of 32 years. Chuck’s winning story relates the romantic account of a 20-year-old Iowa farm boy who proposes to his future wife in Honolulu on his way to India during a 1965 stint in the Peace Corps.