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Love Stories Winner 2002

Year 2002 Winner!
Best Places Hawaii, home of The Hawaii State Vacation Planner, proudly announces the winner of their “Love Stories of Hawaii” promotion for 2002. The lucky winner was Mandy Radaczynski of Anjou, Quebec. She dedicated her winning story “Life’s Little Wonders” to her husband, Martin, who is still keeping the romance alive. Martin’s scavenger hunt, spelling out the word H-A-W-A-I-I, lead Mandy to a surprise trip to Hawaii and “another one of life’s little wonders…”


Life’s Little Wonders
Dedicated to Martin

Submitted by Mandy Radaczynski

I thank God every day for blessing me with all of life’s little wonders. I also thank him for giving me the love of my life, and all of the wonderful time we spend together.

Still madly in love, we challenge ourselves to keep our relationship exciting, filled with surprises and most importantly the unexpected.

I still remember this day like yesterday: It was my birthday and I worked all day. I came home expecting to go out for supper with friends and get to bed early, but, my God, was I in for a surprise…

As I pulled up in the driveway I noticed a note tied to this great big teddy bear on the steps to my home. I smiled, and slowly started to open the note… it read “H”.

As I opened the door, there was my dog, waiting with another note, which read “A”.

I wondered what he was up to as I went up the stairs to the master bedroom. The bed was full of roses and there lay another note, this one read “W.”

I noticed on the night table a ring box and immediately started to tear it open… as I opened it, there was a little piece of paper with the letter “A” on it. I started to laugh and call out his name, still wondering what he was up to.

I pulled myself together and went to the kitchen looking for him or more letters. As I do every day after work, I started to make myself a cup of tea when I noticed him, waiting, as beautiful as ever, next to the front door, with the most amazing smile, the type of smile that makes you melt, and then I heard, “How was your day my love?”

I walked towards him and smiled, and said, “Wonderful honey.”

He asked “Did you notice what was in the fridge?” I started to laugh and went to see. As I opened the fridge door, I saw the letters “II” on my birthday cake.

I turned to him and asked “Honey, what are you up to?”

He replied “Put all of those together and I’m going to be waiting for you outside.”

I stood there placing the letters together… H-A-W-A-I-I ! By the time I realized what I was reading and got outside, my love was standing there with my suit cases and a beautiful flower neckless ready to go … to wonderful Hawaii!

I had a wonderful time in another one of life’s little wonders…