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Aloha and welcome to the August 2008 issue of Travel ‘N Tourism NewsHawaii! TNT NewsHawaii is an ongoing monthly newsletter we send to people like you who visit our website and request information about Hawaii. The newsletter is just one way we hope to keep you connected with Hawaii before and after your visits to the islands.


T N T   S P E C I A L   O F F E R S

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Coming Events for September
Attending a local festival, sports event, art exhibit, or live musical or drama performance can give you a real feel for island life.

Big Island

  • Big Island Festival
  • Kupuna Hula Contest
  • Queen Liliuokalani Birthday Celebration … (more)


  • Kauai Mokihana Festival
  • Matsuri Kauai
  • Slack Key Guitar – Music of Hawaii … (more)


  • Aloha Festivals
  • A Taste of Lahaina
  • Maui Marathon & Race Weekend … (more)


  • Aloha Festivals Downtown Mele
  • Waikiki Roughwater Swim
  • Pacific Handcrafters Guild Fall Festival … (more)

Ask the Big Kahuna
Q: Why does everyone think visiting Mauna Kea is such a big deal?
See the Big Kahuna’s response, and ask your own question.


Best (Hidden) Places Hawaii
Find your way to the special places in Hawaii that other visitors may miss.

This month we are focusing on Hoomaluhia State Park, Oahu. This park’s 400 acres represent tropical regions from around the world: the Philippines, Hawaii, Africa, Sri Lanka, India, Polynesia, Melanesia, Malaysia and tropical America.


Travel Tips
Don’t learn the hard way – we’ve collected helpful tips to save you both your sanity and your pocketbook.

In this issue: Hawaii’s Local-style Delicacies. From ahi to shave ice, try something uniquely Hawaiian


“Taste of Hawaii” Recipes
Try mouthwatering Hawaiian recipes from some of the most-renowned chefs in the islands.

This issue features Lime Chicken, by Chef Chef Richard Lee Booth, Ricardo’s Mexican Food & Aloha Kauai Pizza.



Read romantic love stories written by our visitors over the years. Vote on your favorite stories or submit one of your own.

It’s easy to submit your story – click here for details.