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Saltwater Swimming Hole, Big Island

How would you like to splash about in a saltwater swimming pond fed by the grace of the Blue Pacific? Well, here’s a hidden place where you can do just that.

The former property owner constructed this pool to the sea between Kona Isle and Kona-By-The-Sea (where you’ll find the beach access path) along Alii Drive. The state now owns this former private property and this seawater pool to the Pacific is open to the public and it’s free — just like the beach.

If you’re a bit timid about jumping into the surf with breaking waves surrounding you, this sea pool gives you the chance to get your feet wet (along with the rest of you), as you acclimate to the ways of the waves. Once your body temperature and the ocean agree, you can even take the plunge into the sea itself, surf and all. This saltwater pool serves as a good jump starter for taking on the teal seas. But watch out for those little sea creatures swimming around in the pool — they’re called fish!

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