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A Hawaiian Lei on a Maui woman

Hawaiiana Lei Greetings on Maui

What is a Hawaiian Lei Greeting?

Hawaii is known as the Aloha State and is the only US state that has an official flower (the Hibiscus) and also an official tree (the Coconut). The best way to get a lei is to give one or, if you are lucky enough to receive one on your travels, know that it is a symbol of love and friendship as well as reverence for the traditions, culture, and land that gave us such an incomparable gift – Hawaii.

Lei are not only symbols of welcoming and aloha, but also can be given as gifts to loved ones or celebratory events. Used as adornments, these lei feature unique Hawaiian plants like plumeria, hala (naupaka), and maile. Whether you have a loved one who loves flowers or decorates with lei, they will cherish receiving these beautiful island keepsakes.

The History Behind the Lei

Lei, a Hawaiian tradition. The traditional lei is a wreath of flowers and fragrant leaves, seeds, and nuts wrapped into a beautiful bouquet. This lei comes with its own unique story to share with each new friend.

Hawaiian lei are treasured for their symbolism and cultural significance. The Maile lei is associated with good luck, peace, love, and life, making it an appropriate gift for any occasion. Kukui nut lei are reserved only for Aliʻi (Hawaiian royalty) so you can be sure this one is a special treat!