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Love Stories of Hawaii – Never Say Never

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Timeless LoveFirst Meeting
Dedicated to Ailrick Holy

Submitted by Your
Our first meeting was the day you were born. I was so excited and fell in love the moment I saw you. We had so much fun when you were growing up and then tornado hit and got worse as you got older. There are so many regrets and words to take back but are still used against me. Until you have your own children you will never know what true love is. As smart as you are I truely hope that your life is or will be a grand as you want it to be. You of all people deserve it of grand thins. It is touogh to grow up in a broken home where your parents pull and tug and argue in front of you. Remember I told you once, Don’t live by example, be your own example and keep your eyes open to all and most of all, don’t judge people. Don’t expext anything such as hand outs, earn it your self. Be a giving person even though it might not be much. Hawaii is very expensive to live. I love you my son so very much!!! Your Mom


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