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Love Stories of Hawaii – Never Say Never

One Day I’ll Marry Him… In Hawaii
Dedicated to Dave Smith, a former Hawaiian Res. 

Submitted by Tina

He hasn’t asked me yet. No wonder. He’s only been my neighbor for two months. But I’m in love with him and feel like we’ve known each other since childhood. I haven’t yet expressed those deepest feelings to him.

I’ve never been to Hawaii. But Dave tells me stories of remodeling his friend’s house there. (a one month job turned into six months for him) He explained how I would love it…
yeah, just like I love him.

From the moment I pulled up to my new apartment, this 50 year old carpenter (who works like he’s 20) started carrying my furniture up a flight of twenty stairs! He has hung a laundry cabinet for me, pictures on my wall, offers me coffee every day, and gave me a coffee table, even played “pretend dad” to my 6 yr old son. Once I was settled into my apartment, I witnessed him do the very same thing for his daughter. I’ve seen him take his son back and forth to school, care for his elderly parents, cooked us ALL dinner on more than one occasion, never batting an eye. He is a natural wonder to me…like the Hawaii he describes.

He also told me a sad story about his childhood friend, Craig, dying in Hawaii. And just this week, Craig’s sister, former Hawaiian resident and Miss Kauai 1990, Angela Michelle Miller Warnock, was taken from this Earth,leaving behind two beautiful daughters. Angela’s memorial is today in Indiana.

My heart is heavy for Angela’s family, and for Dave.

One Day I’ll marry him…in Hawaii