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Love Stories of Hawaii – Never Say Never

Plumerian Queen’s soul
Dedicated to Virtuous Pete
Submitted by Kili

As a boy, I’ve always had this burning desire for tropical paradise. The dreams of once growing up there, reacurrences of my past life in hawaii throughout the years growing up as if I can remember my past there.I’ve always known i’d marry hawaiiangirl And true enough, I am married to the most beautiful polynesian woman anyone could imagion. My love for her runs deeper than the pacific waters; My passion has been greatened since we’ve met. I want so much to take her home to hawaii, and all so willing to leave my life here in the main land behind so that her emptiness can be fullfilled. She misses her home like nothing I’ve ever seen. When an hawaiian leaves their home, their “ALOHA” is always w/them, (the promise of their Queen) but you can see so clearly the huge void in them..They can have everything they desire, but if not at home,(hawaii, the promise land)nothing they desire can satisfy the hunger for the aloha land. I’ve been waiting for 8 yrs for a settlement from back injury on job 8 yrs ago. I will bring her hometo stay as soon as I recieve my settlement.I have a calling there, but dont know just what exactly yet.However, I do know I’ll never return to the mainland when we get there.Call it destiny.She’s my plumerian Queen and my heart just bleeds for her everytime we’re apart, but when we get to hawaii, we’ll never have to be apart. we’ll do any and everything she wants, but my desire is only to see her smile enlighten the sunsets and sunrises everyday.She’s a true diamond, yet worth more than rubies, perals even emeralds.. She’s my God given promise,my hand in hand precious jewle from heaven’s secred room of treasury.what God gives us, we must give it back to him. I’ve done this by allowing him to have complete control of our faith, and I understand, that if she is to keep her enchating eternal shine, I must return her to her treasured island home God created her to thrive in.They say the sunset and sunrise just isnt the same there like it use to be; I strongly believe its due to so many polynesians are away from the islands, and in order to give paradise its glow back, they must all return. they are the lost tribe of israel, so their God’s chosen people which posess the glow of the heavens; this is known to the world as “their ALOHA”,. Oh how the whales will sing their praises to God when she’s returned to them. I am only a vessle which carries a priceless valuable, I’m the bottle, my Queen is the message within, between here and the island, is the ocean that we’ll drift apon till we reach our future home… Forever and a day, TROPICAL LOVE–Kili