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Love Stories of Hawaii – Never Say Never

Second Chance Love
Destiny Was Her Name
Dedicated to Claudia Cocco 

Submitted by Frank

I had been single for 7 years and though i was looking hard for true love it just did not seem to be in the cards for me. date after countless date. they were just not my types. i was seeking a special gal someone who would light up my face the moment i saw her. so far no one did it for me. i was using modern tecnology at its best. the internet dating game. i was 46 and did not know where else to meet that special gal i so sought after. well one day this site popped up on my computer. it was called italian people meet .com i said to myself well i’m italian and i always went for either italian or spanish gals. i loved the dark features and being a man who liked a nice butt well what better source then italian women to look. so i decided to give it a try. they were fairly cheap compared to the other dating sites. so i layed out my 13 dollars and became a full member. it would be the best 13 dollars i ever spent. the first night as i went through the profiles i saw her. she was in some kind of workout gear. i said to myself damm she is pretty and she seems to be into fitness. well being a former body builder myself i loved a gal into fitness. so i said i must write to her and see what is her game. i knew a one liner would not catch her attention she had a kind of beauty that demanded much more. so i introduced myself and told her about me and what it was i sought. i also put in the fact that i enjoy writing poetry. well she was interested in me and wanted to find out more. so i sent her my first poem. i do not recall what it was about but i do know she liked it and she was even more interested. so we went back and forth with emails and poems. until i finally said we must meet. but i was not driving at the time and she lived rather far from me. so i told her that i did not drive but i wanted to meet her. she said she would come to me. ahh this lady had something in her that i so wanted to seek out. well the first date went well. we were both very attracted to eachother and the conversation flowed as well as one could expect on a first date. so i sent a few more poems and we went out on another date. again it went well. she had a beautiful face and smile to go with it. and i could tell she was in great shape. the kind of body i could cherrish. but she was much more then just a pretty face and a hot bod. she had a sparkle about her that she was so full of life and it gleamed off on me. well the third date she invited me back to her place. that was the night i fell in love. we made beautiful and very passionet love. she felt so great and i knew. this women i wanted in my life. she was a keeper. well its been a little bit over 2 years now and after putting this gal through hell and her sticking by my side i can truly say that today things are great between us. i got through my bad times and she stuck by me. most women would of been gone by now. but not her she was afighter. she saw things in me that no one else even cared to look. she knew that the devil had his grip on me but she was determined to beat him out of me. i must say she played a big part in my turn around. we always had something special something you could not put a finger on but it was there. i call it destiny. today i can actually see a future with this gal. i’m determined to do what ever it takes to see that future become real. i know i have work in front of me but with her by my side the work is a work of love. i see us as being a great couple who love eachother deeply. we both can not get enough of eachother on my short weekend visits to her. we love to hug and hold eachother and though its tuff on me to have to leave i know one day i’ll be staying forever. you see i was a drinker and a drugger. but today i follow the steps of a.a. and my life is as focused as its ever been. because of this women who stayed by my side and showed me true love by her actions well i finally saw the light. a light that is so brilliant it sears the depths of my soul. it is the kind of love i thought i never find but i am very fortunate to have found her and a best friend and true soul mate. today there are no tears or anger. only smiles and laughter. we are getting along like it was meant to be. she is happy today as am i. and i will keep it that way. so as we are vacationing in hawaii i remember our story and how good the game of life can be. a secound chance and destiny was her name