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Love Stories of Hawaii – Never Say Never

First Love
My Everthing
Dedicated to Chris Greman
Submitted by Kelli

when i was in 8th greade i fell in love with me frist love he was everything to me and then he moved back to i place he lived before. we talked and everthing we said that we would stay together for life. then one day i called him and he was not there. that day i went to the mall with my sisters. he was there i had not seen him in a long time i was so happy to see him he told me that he was leveing but that night i saw him five more times it made mad so i talk to him and told him i felt he said i am sorry and i belived him. he said that he would come and see me on love day and never did. so a broke up with him i cry for days. i just stared talking to him agin he has a girlfirend and i have a boyfirend but i still love him so much and he told me that he still loves me to
kelli and chris forever in hawaii