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Love Stories of Hawaii – Never Say Never

Summer Romance
Did you loved me?
Dedicated to Ezpinoza
Submitted by Carmen

I stell remeber you, the first time i saw you in Hawaii. You seem like a shy guy, a guy who was trying to talk to me. As days passed your cousins and your sister keep tellin me that you liked me. But at that time i didn’t like you, i didn’t felt nothing for you. I guess you give up on me so fast that you choose to go with one of my friend. With the girl who was easy. But when you give up on me is when i started liking you. You and her started dateing. I thought, how was i so stupid to ruin my Hawaii trip, it could of been so romantic. I dont know what you felf for me, you will be with her but when you werent you try to be with me. my biggest mistake was not be able to touch your lips and the only good memorie of you in Hawaii was when we were walking and you were drunk, you told me would you marry me? but like you were drunk i dontk if you were playing