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Love Stories of Hawaii – Never Say Never

First Love
Lost in the paradise
Dedicated to My Friends And Family 

Submitted by Pamila

I came up with my friends to have a summer vacation at Oahu Hawaii . The sandy beaches , cocktail parties ,ice cold beer gardens and finally girls..
Me and my boys were spending our second day at the beach swimming,sunny bathes and dating goddesses (not me but my friends)
When we were playing beach ball,suddenly it was out of track and hits a stunningly beautiful lady .
I asked “Are you OK?. Yeah i’m fine.” She said .She is like a goddess and her eyes sparkle ,like diamonds. My heart is screaming to ask her out.”Hey im Jake and you are? Lian ,” she said .”So Lean with whom are you here ?” I continued. “With my doggie , as you can see” and she showed me her little chihuahua. She said with an awkwardness “hey i really have to go now and it was really nice to meet you. ” I asked” Hey there’s a country music show tonight here at the beach. Would you like to come? she said ok i will come” . Im so thrilled.”Then how about 8.oo? ” i asked .She said ” that will be fine with me”..
She was a stunning beauty. I can’t take my eyes off her.She’s so mysterious and her smile made my heart stop beating, that night.But then another guy came with her. That’s her boy friend, Lucas. But there is something very wrong with this couple . Seems like she’s been refusing him. I saw him asking her to dance but she refused him. So he joined with his friends . I was so heart broken to see her with another guy . So i joined my friends.
After a few minutes later Lucas, Lean’s Boy friend came to me whether i have seen Lean . But i haven’t seen her .
I wasn’t sure what im doing but i too started searching Lean.Finally I found her
lying on a distant rock surrounded by the blue water.She was crying . She didn’t see me.
“Hey Lean there you are? Are you crying?”
Tears rolling down her peachy cheeks and her eyes were just like the see.
I put my hands around her . For some reason i couldn’t stop myself wondering why don’t we belong together? . She rested her chin on my shoulders . We were looking at the distant see .
I looked at at her oceanic eyes . Then i kissed her forehead . Surprisingly i couldn’t stop myself kissing her and she kissed me back. It was awkward for both of us and tears roll down from her cheeks . Suddenly like the wind she ran away from me.
I told her that i’m sorry but she didn’t say anything just ran away from me. That’s the most mesmerizing kiss that I’ve ever had . The mesmerizing kiss i’m always dreaming of . My dream girl’s kiss . The kiss i was longing to have under the shiny stars and smoothing sand. The sea breeze made her hair float and we were in heaven.
There’s only one thing in my mind that i’m going to make her mine forever till death made us apart ..Hawaiian beach had been a blessing for me . I found my dream girl in this paradise. I have lost in the paradise and i never wanted to be founded……….