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Love Stories of Hawaii – Never Say Never

Our Time Has Come
Dedicated to Kehaulani
Submitted by Bob

My dear sweetheart, my special person, my best friend and lover. Our time has come to become an eternal couple in the eyes of God. Our lives together for the past year and one half has been nothing short of a love story. Being 2000 miles apart and succeeding to put everything aside at least once a month, to be together and get to know each other has been a testament of our love for each other. We are at a point in our lives where it is now time for us to be wed and begin to share our lives together. We have shared our times with each others families, children, yet still had time for us. Our long talks, long walks, and our love for each other has more than made up for the short time each month that we have been able to be together. Kehaulani, already my wife, know how much I love and will care for you. I will be there when you awake in the morning and will always come home to you at night. My sweetheart you so have my heart and my enduring commitment to always be your equal
your husband, your friend and your lover. Honey, I am so proud of you and so proud to be your husband. We will still have long talks, long walks, have our special time together at night…but soon it will be every day. Have waited so long for you to be at my side. Soon we will begin our cruise of the Hawaiian Islands next week August 30th 2008. A very special day for us to come as we cruise into Hilo where we will be greeted by you parents, whom I will meet for the first time, and your children, most of whom I have met and anxious to meet who I haven’t. Our marriage there will a testament to all couples involved in a long distant relationship that if the love is there, give and take is there, a most wonderful person, a most special person and the love of your life is there, there ain’t no mountain big enough, tall enough, to keep each other apart. Kehaulani, soon I’ll be there to hold you in my arms and keep you there for the rest of my life. Aloha dear….your life partner, friends
irst and lover second. Thank you for completing my life…Your guy from Illinois, Bob