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Love Stories of Hawaii – Never Say Never

First Love
My 1st love was my 1st heartbreak
Dedicated to My Ex Boyfriend, Kyle 

Submitted by Anonymous

When i first started high school in year 7 we were put into classes, and when i went to my first art lesson i met a boy who i thought was amazing. Time went by and we became really good friends and it wasnt until one of my friends told me that he liked me. A little later he asked me out and since i had never had a proper realetionship before i was scared so i told him no. I know he was upset which made me feel terrible but i wasnt ready for a realetionship and i told him that. We were still good friends for the rest of the year.
The next year, when we were put into classes, i was put into his class. I was happy about this and it seemed that he was too. He was spending every lunch break with me and nnot long after it was valentines day. I was upset when nothing happend for me and him on that day, but a week later we were sitting in the library with one of my friends and we were talking about his and mine realetionship and it was there that we decided to get together.
As i was still scared to be in a realetionship, we decided to keep it secret. But when everyone found out, I was happy and so was he.
More time went by and we got closer and closer and when he told me that he loved me it made me so happy. But after being together for 6 months he broke up with me. I was devestated. I went home that day and cried.
About a month after we broke up i found out the real reason why he broke up with me. He left me for my bestfriend who didnt even like him. All the secrets he kept from me started to come out. I found out that when we kept our realetionship a secret he was hitting on my friend (her and i hadnt known each other long). She told me that he felt her up and when she found out that we were together she went off at him and she was so upset . When she told me what happend she was nearly in tears, as was I.
He turned out to be the guy I dreamed about, but the cheater that made me scared of being with someone.

(hawaii- this has nothing to do with the story)