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Love Stories of Hawaii – Never Say Never

Our Love Will Stay Forever
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Submitted by M

My story began in the university when i met my only beloved in this world. when i met him i felt something in our sight to each other but nothing happened more than steal glance, after that we discovered our love to each other and we fall in deep love and more than any love in this world we cant be far away to each other.

one day and it was my happy day when my love told me that he will propose me at this time we hugged and kissed each other and it was wonderful moment to us .at first dad agreed on him but after that someone else came to propose me too snd dad agreed on him because he was better than my love frome his sight and we were always at home in big fight every day every moment but endly there was a miracle frome God and make dad calmer and now we engaged.

pray for us to continue our love stroy because we really love each other deeply even under his feet because he do every thing to make me happy. i love him and take him to Hawaii to be alone together