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Love Stories of Hawaii – Never Say Never

Long Distance Love

On An Island Near London He’sd Home
Dedicated to Every One
Submitted by Vernon

That island in Hawaii…
The girls of Coppertone are all getting irate.
A couple of islanders plant a coconut tree
While a sleeping woman lies unaware of time.
Is she alive or is she dead?
She is unaware if she will participate
In the show the girls will give for her.
Maybe she’ll bum a dime and not feel homeless.
She thinks of her family…or does she?
Perhaps she thinks of something else
Like the ocean or dolphins dreraming.
Culture has no barriers.
It is not a crime to be afraid of who we are
Or where we came from or what we’ve done.
Beacuse we came and we will return to look
For a sign…a hidden talent perhaps…
And to sleep in a bed, which for her would be
Quite a treat and endearing with repetition.
We will return to look for a sign…
But the only sign I see is wine, song and she.
Than, maybe, He won’t remeber what she did,
But will remeber for what she was.
A Connolly.