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Love Stories of Hawaii – Never Say Never

Secret Love
I wish…
Dedicated to A Prince
Submitted by Anonymous

I wish for one day I could go back to a simple life in beautiful Hawaii. Go back to a simple job and home with no stress, with you by my side everyday with your precious, contagious smile; no matter what was happening in my life or even yours, we could always laugh together. One of the things that was so special about us, was that we didn’t have to talk, you would look into my eyes and I in yours and immediately I knew what you were saying without having to say one word. Everyday I would wake-up and knew it was going to be a special day because I was going to see you and the days I didn’t see you I had the promise of the next day that we would be together – even when I was mad at you, I still missed you and couldn’t wait to see you. I can still remember the sound of your voice, the mischievous glint in your eye at the end of the day when you were up to no good and your beautiful face that even now is still gorgeous, how does that happen? How did you grow into more of
beautiful man than before? I wouldn’t have thought it was possible, but it is. I guess you grew on me like noone has since and I miss you so much, I miss our laughs, our jokes, our friendship and the fact that I could tell you anything and you never judged me. I sometimes go back to the islands and everything I see reminds me of you, so I walk around with big floppy hats and sunglasses just in case if I were to run into you, you wouldn’t recognize me because it would hurt too much to see you and not be with you. I sometimes get this feeling that you are thinking about me too, but that is impossible and even a little crazy, because you do not even know I exist anymore nor would you care. It was casual for you and you haven’t a clue the impact you’ve made on my life nor will you ever. Your words during that time, shouldn’t have been taken seriously because you were leaving a bad situation and you possibly just needed a shoulder to cry, but I believed them because it felt so real,
ut now being older, ten years later, I can see it for what it really was, but all the same, you still took a piece of my heart, not realizing it and forgot to give it back. So off goes this love letter for a million eyes to see except for your two beautiful green eyes, but this is life and I have to learn to accept it for what it is, but my sweet, precious prince, I will love you forever, I at least know what real love is, even if it is one-sided and anonymous.