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Love Stories of Hawaii – Never Say Never

Special Occasion
The Bond
Dedicated to C….
Submitted by Steph

Oh to celebrate our anniversary is so much fun. I have the “job” of getting the job done!
I chose Kauai, Hawaii for our much anticipated travels.
Upon arriving at the totally breathtaking condo, we immidiately dropped our bags, toss the shoes and walked out of the door to the beach. We saw two monk seals only a few feet from our condo. They were laying on the beach. We sat down (not too close) and watched the seals move and play. They had a bond with one another. Watched the sun set, toasted our anniversary at the most wonderful place I can imagine. Our condo at Kauai Beach Villas, was unit G6. Which ended up meaning something special. It was our 6th anniversary! So from now on, when anniversary time rolls around….we will always go back to that same condo. It held such magic. So romantic and beautiful. The sunrise, the sunset, the atsmophere, the music, the sand, oh my goodness did we share a special bond, not just with the seals, the ocean, but each other. Like never before. We saw nature up close and felt part of Mother Earth. We believe Mother Earth lives in Hawaii!!!