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Love Stories of Hawaii – Never Say Never

Second Chance Love
Loving the best husband
Dedicated to Eric Stump my loving husband 

Submitted by Maureen

Once upon a time I had married a man that I thought loved me so much but to find out 16 years later he loved someone else more then me then divorced me. I was alone for nine years and then one day I decided to go to this little bar for a drink and sat down next to this wonderful man. he was very quiet and then I decided to leave. first I went to the lady’s room and the bar tender was in the lady’s room also. I asked her does that man down there have a wife? She said no. Does he have a girlfriend? She said No. She said go home and call back her and talk to him and I said I can’t do that. She said why I said because I don’t do things like that, well I did and he is one of a kind. He would call me every day and we would talk for 2 hours almost every night. We would only see each other on the weekends. He raised his daughter and he is a terrific father. He would go out of his way for anyone. Then one day he told me he was going to move to Riverside to take on a jo
installing cabinets. I would come out on the weekends to visit him but I thought this is not going anyway. He told me that he always prayed to God that he would meet someone like me and he did. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him and on June 23, 2008 it will be 7 years that we will be married. He loves my Mom and my ex never would go out of his way for anyone. I married a terrific man who cares about everyone. He is a hard worker and not one day that goes by that he tells me he loves me. I am 55 years old and he is six years younger then me. We don’t make enough money to go to Hawaii right now because his work is slow but we did get to go with friends to Kauai and we also went to Maui which I almost drowned in the water and my loving husband saved me. I want to go back to Maui so bad that I can taste the beautiful sunsets, wonderful smell of flowers and the ocean breeze all the time. My husband took a beautiful picture of black rock in Maui and we blow it up. All I can do is look at it all the time. It is beautiful and breath taking. We went by are selves to maui and we never got a professional picture taken of just the two of us. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful gift knowing that on your anniversary that you have won this trip to hawaii.
I would be so excited because I know we can’t afford to go back again. When we were there I am so sorry I did not buy this painting by Randy Jay Braun. The name of the hawiian picture was to ask a blessing. She is beautiful. He is a beautiful artist. I would love so much to be the winner for this trip and it would give us so much to look forward to. I would love to get married again over in Hawaii. Times are tough for everyone but my husband works so hard for me to pay the bills and rent and I would love to give him the gift of Hawaii just one more time. We just love it there, and everyone is so pleasent and nice so I hope you take into consideration this letter about the loving man that loves his wife so much. This would be a dream come true.
Thank you for giving me the time to tell my little story regarding my husband and how we meet and how he got down on one knee to ask me to marry him and tell called my Mom and asked if he could have my hand in marriage. Mom started crying and she said yes. Mom gave me away and we got married in my girl friends back yard. We could not afford a church and for are honeymoon his family put money together and we went to Catalina Island but it is nothing like Hawaii. We have the most beautiful sunset pictures my husband took. He went out and charged to get a good camera for the sunsets and they are up on are living room walls.
Thank you very much,
Mrs. Maureen Stump