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Love Stories of Hawaii – Never Say Never

Long Distance Love

Dedicated to My Bartender
Submitted by Anonymous

I knew the first time I set eyes on you that I would love you forever; however, I knew you would never, truly be mine. We started out as friends in the beginning and even then I knew you were off limits, I still thought what could it hurt to be just friends? We had fun working together, no harm had been done yet – until that one fateful night, the one night under the moon and the stars in a tropical paradise that I knew only existed in Hawaii. You said that we would be together forever and foolish me, I believed you, but all the time both of us felt guilty, never really enjoying each other because we had this dead weight that said it was wrong and it was wrong. So I left Hawaii thinking I could forget you and live life without you and the guilt was too much to take to stay in little Maui. So I moved on, but one day I decided to come back again and you found me. I had thought I was over you, but once I saw your beautiful eyes again I knew I had never forgotten you, yo
‘ve just been placed in that treasure chest deep within my heart that I’ve kept hidden for so many years. This time around I was the one that was off limits and even at your silent invitation, I did think about it, but knew, again, it was wrong so instead I came home and wrote you a letter explaining how I felt, explaining how much I loved you, but you never answered it. So maybe this is just all in my head that you loved me or maybe the way we started wasn’t exactly conventional and the guilt still ponders on your heart too or maybe and I hate to think this, but maybe you never cared to begin with and that is the part that I’ve come to face; however, I will never really know, will I? I am sure I am well forgotten with the letter I wrote and I am alright with that, but if I had one wish to make, it would have been to stay your friend – that is the part I miss most because if it weren’t for that stupid letter you would still be in my life and things would be different. I know you w
ll never read this, so I am safe, but if you ever were to, know that I still think of you and it didn’t have to be this way.

Missing you from far away,