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Love Stories of Hawaii – Never Say Never

My Story
Dedicated to David
Submitted by Rani

Once upon a time in a state called california there lived a young girl.Her name was Rani.When she was younger her godmother patricia got so jealous because of how beautiful
rani was,she put a curse upon the beautiful Rani.That curse was the curse of love. A curse that could never let her fall in love with anyone. Her parents decided to move to hawaii.At her first day of school she had no friends, she didn’t know anyone.Until this sweet nice boy named David came up to her and said “why are you here alone.” Once she looked up you could tell that the boy was hypnotized by Rani’s beautiful eyes.So he said to Rani take my hand i will help you up. So she took his hands and he pulled her up. he asked her again why she was all alone and she said ” i have no friends”. but he said ” not you do. you have me.” she turned away quickly and you could tell that she was blushing. So everyday they would hang out together and Rani would be attracted to David more and more. And David seemed to be attracted to Rani more and more. Three months had gone by and no evil godmother to ruin it. Then David, unexpectedly, asked Rani to be his girlfriend, but she said that she couldn’
. He asked “why”. All she said was theat she couldn’t fall in love. He said ” What!!! you can’t fall in love. that’s impossible.everyone falls in love.” But the problem was that she couldn’t, but she went with him anyway no matter what the curse ment. So on the night when David asked her out something churrned in her stomach. She turned around and her evil godmother was standing there. she said” it’s time my dear wether you choose”. She said ” choose what?”. ” choose to live and never fall in love or choose to fall in love but die trying you must choose tonight for it is apart of the curse my dear”. She couldn’t decide wehter to live and never fall inlove or fall in love but die trying. She told her mother about it but all her mother said is ” i don’t want you out of my life my darling i want you to live”. Rani said ” but he loves me mom, he loves me and that is all that matters”. “but do you want to die and never see him again. you must hurt him my darling, hurt him to save him from
he misery of losing you”. so on that night she told him that she can’t see him no more. He freaked. He said ” but what about us”. All she did was walk away and not answer. He felt a hurtful pain i his stomach and pain that could never go away. a pain of jealousy. On her night of the play she was going to star in David came to see her. she couldn’t help it she needed him.She fell into his arms coughing out blood. she cried in pain and he cried out tears. She told him ” if i die tonight just remember i’ll always be with you. She said “promise me David that you will right a story”. And he promised her. She lay in his hands dead and he leaves one last kiss upon her lips. So he wrote that story, a story about a time, a story about a place, but most of all a story about a love. a love that will live forever