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Love Stories of Hawaii – Never Say Never

Dedicated to Jeff Phinney 

Submitted by Diane

Our story starts like most others with caos, worry and heartache. I met my husband 24 years ago. Our first 5 years were hard. That old cliche Love at First Site, yes indeed. I went out with a friend to the Texas Saloon, I was to be introduced to Jeff Phinney as we walked up to the door my friend says “there he is” he was holding back a girls hair while she threw up. Wow my heart skipped a beat, see Jeff is a firefighter and and EMT so his natural instincts to help someone was evident. I knew I needed this man to save me. We danced that night and kept it going since then. We ended up having a daughter after the loss of my second pregancy, Kasey was the light of our lives. We both decided when Kasey was two that we could give her and her sister all the things they would need and I had my tubes tied well three months later I was told by my doctor I was pregnant, not just pregnant but twins. Wow another skip a beat. Our lives got even more complicated now. We made the best of it. We didn’t have a big wedding we were married in Jeff’s uncles backyard in November it was good. we hunnymooned in Tahoe but always longed for Hawaii. It was just a decade later that we were finally able to go to Hawaii where we said our vows again on the beach for all to see, at least tourists that is. I love my husband today, tommorrow and always. Hawaii bonded our marriage even further. Today I have 4 grown children and one beautiful grandchild. Today my oldest daughter booked her hunnymoon in Hawaii when they wed in September of this year. To this day I love the ocean and the breeze that fills my heart when I see the picture on my bedstand of Jeff and I recommitting our vows with Hawaian Headress and the beauty of the ocean as our backdrop. I thank God every day that He created such a gorgeous place for everyone to enjoy. In October my beautiful daughter will experience the joy I felt flying into one of the most beautiful places on earth.