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Love Stories of Hawaii – Never Say Never

Long Distance Love
The World is a small place
Dedicated to Mi husband 

Submitted by Morena

Since I first visit Maui (Hawaii) in 2001 I had the intuition there was “something” really special waiting for me in that island. In fact, on March 2005 I flight all the way from Argentina to spend my two holiday weeks in Maui, but I believe what really sent me there was my own destiny.
Two days after I got there, I was introduced to who today is my husband, my very true compliment. The funny thing is that he was born in Argentina too, but he’s been a Hawaiian resident for the last 12 years (he owns a business based on environmental education).

In fact, he was raised up just 10 blocks from my house, we were almost neighbors during our childhood but the strangest thing is that one year before we met, we both were invited to a wedding here in Argentina, where I won the ring in the cake and the bride told me: you better look at every men in this wedding, because your future husband is somewhere in this party. (As if she had seen the future!!!)

So destiny got us together (it only took us to go to the other side of the world). From the very first moment I met him, I knew deep in my heart he was the man of my life, which turn to be reciprocal. That inspired me to stay a little longer in Hawaii with him. Is hard for me to transmit all the amazing moments we spent together, but the only word I find to describe them is “Eden”.

I had the chance to extend my Visa for almost 8 months, but after that it was my time to come back to Argentina, which also meant a long distance relationship for us.
I haven’t had the chance to go back, since I had some trouble with my immigration status, but in spite of that, we have been fighting against distance and our love never stopped growing.

We have a weird but beautiful relationship based on emotional connection and we get stronger every day and our days are based on pacience generated by our dreams and by our memories of all the unforgettable time we had in Hawaii.
Last November, in one of his visits to Argentina,he asked me to marry him and we planed the most beautiful wedding in just two weeks!!!. It was everything I ever dream, a simple, improvised, out of the ordinary and lovely day.
Today he is having some trouble to get his citizenship, but we will wait because there is no limit of time for our love and If god help us sooner or latter we will have the chance to be together again where we first met, in our unforgettable Hawaii. (Im sorry for any spelling or grammar mistakes)