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Love Stories of Hawaii – Never Say Never

Timeless Love
Everlasting Love
Dedicated to My husband Mathan
Submitted by Mokana

Those days are memorable, me dressed in green pinoform and giggling with girls and had nothing to worry other than my studies. My heartthrob Mathan the young adolescent boy was also studying in the same school 8th class but in a different section. He won the School election and became the “Pupil Leader”. Appreciations and wishes were showering on him. Everybody congratulated him that was the moment I too wished him with the sweet and silky voice of mine saying “Congratulations” and shook hands with him. That was a normal incidence for me, but for him that was captured in his heart my voice and me. He had started dreaming about that again and again and one fine day he proposed his love to me in our school staircase. I was blinking not to know how to react and gave a childish stare and went away.
He did not leave me then but waited for 6 more years and then he approached me with friendship vows. I remember we were in our third year Engineering and he gifted my portrait painted by him as Valentine’s Day gift. It was awesome and Love sparked in me from that moment I saw the painting. I felt a sense of warmth in him. I was matured enough to understand that I Loved him. I was bit hesitant to say this to him but luckily one day, he proposed me for the second time and immediately I accepted.
Luckily, we were blessed with a good job and both of us moved to Chennai. I still cannot forget my first kiss and first hug which I got for my birthday. They were so romantic that my last drop of blood feels it. It was last day of the year 2006 and I was in the airport to travel abroad. Everyone was present but my eyes were focused on him and my heart was throbbing only thinking that I could not see him for another three months. I left Chennai airport and called him from San Francisco, It was 4.00 am in India and he was still awake waiting for my call. He did not even say a hello but called my name and gave a kiss. Tears rolled for both of us and I just wanted to return India and badly see him again. I had to be in US for 3 months counting my days to return India. There were no words to express that feeling.
We took 5 years to convenience both our family and finally
Our Journey To Find True Love Ends…
Our Journey To Cherish True Love Began on 20th Jan 2008.
Finally 11 years of Love had turned to a wedding which made many people to envy us. We went for a honeymoon to Hawaii and were out of the world for those days. Hawaii was such a romantic place I have ever visited. I thank god for giving me such an understandable friend, lovable lover and a responsible husband.