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Timeless Love
A granddaughter’s Love
Dedicated to My grandmother
Submitted by Stacey

This is a portion of a letter I recently wrote to my sick grandmother:

“Whenever I miss you I just think back to moments that probably didn’t seem significant to you at the time, but have wound up meaning everything to me now.
Watching you set your hair in your yellow and blue curlers, and blow dry it. I would watch your fingers move expertly through your hair fastening each one like a pro and wish I could do that to my hair.
When you turned on the hair dryer you would always begin to hum quietly. It was always the same tune; it was beautiful but kind of sad at the same time. You would look like you were day dreaming, or remembering a different time or place.
I always wanted to ask you what you were thinking about or where you got that beautiful but sad tune from but I never dared. Somehow it seemed it was too private, and I was too shy to ask.
I remember watching you take the curlers out, and put them back in the box you made, and covered with that bright yellow and orange patterned paper.
I think of the way your house always smelled so good, I don’t know why..It just did.
I think of trips to the mall with you, and how when we would walk through Sears, the men and women would all turn to look at you. I though the men stared like you were a movie star, the women stared with envy. It wasn’t until I got older did I realize what those looks meant. My Grammy- wondrous beauty. The women wanted to be you, the men wanted to have you. You never once noticed.
I think of the painting of the ships, hanging over your “chesterfield” and remember the wild stories of gypsies, and romantic moonlit adventures, tales of opera singers, ballet dancers and pirates. The stories of your trips to Hawaii, the beaches, the lei’s. I wondered if I would get there one day to see it for myself.
I think of the plates of grapes and cheese and crackers and the big fluffy princess type pillows you would give me. I always felt like royalty.
I think of your hands holding the rummy cards, your fingernails always polished, your hands always delicate and pretty. I remember wondering how someone so brave and tough had such delicate hands.
I think of us sitting on your patio, you wearing a summer top and shorts – telling me I should be wearing a hat and asking if I was warm enough.
I picture you smiling, or laughing, or crying and I can see every single part of your face.
I will always think of these things, never forget them, and hold them close in my heart. That’s what you do when someone has been the world to you.
I love you so much grammy, and I am sorry I can not be with you now but you sit inside my heart, and my mind and I take you everywhere I go, everyday.”
Love Always


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