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Love Stories of Hawaii – Never Say Never

Long Distance Love
Our Love Story
Dedicated to Sean Naus
Submitted by Emily

When I was 10 years old I fell in love with the French language and even at such a young age I was determined to someday be fluent in the most romantic language in the world. I was also determined to one day live in this distant and enchanting country.
Eleven years later I found myself in the Los Angeles Airport with two big suitcases. I was actually moving to France, the South of France to be specific. Aix-en-Provence, the petite ville situated amidst olive trees and vineyards. I had no idea that this summer of 2006 would change my life forever.
I flew into the airport in Marseille and moved my things into a tiny flat just outside of Aix’s centre ville. To my surprise the guy that had rented the flat before me had moved out just one week earlier and had left a bus schedule, map and tea pot for me. As I met different people both American and French I continually received comments from people saying that I would have loved the guy who moved out of my flat. People said that we were practically the same person, that we wanted to do the same things in life and that we had the same passions.
Well, five months later, I moved back to Southern California when I received an email entitled ‘Outta Nowhere’. The email said, “Hi! My name is Sean. Apparently we rented the same flat in the South of France…” What?! This was the guy who I had heard about while I was living in France.
Sean and I started emailing almost everyday for the next month. At this time, Sean who was born in Arizona had moved to Australia where he’d been living for the past three years. We started talking on the phone for six months while Sean traveled from Australia to India and Nepal doing humanitarian aid work.
On March 2, 2007 we finally met face to face. The day before we met I flew to Hawaii from California. At 10am I met Sean for the first time at The Honolulu International Airport. You could say that it was love at first sight, but truly we already loved each other before we ever met face to face. He walked out of the terminal carrying his guitar in one hand and suitcase in the other, my six foot three surfer, tanned from the Australian sun, with sandy blond hair and green eyes. We hugged each other, laughing, smiling and shaking from nerves! We could barely look at each other, but when we held hands, no two hands have ever fit more perfectly together. It was the most incredible feeling in the world.
Three months later I moved to the Sunshine Coast of Australia where he’d been working. We recently moved back to America and are now living in Santa Barbara, California. Today, we are more in love than ever and the Hawaiian Islands are where it all started!