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Love Stories of Hawaii – Never Say Never

Wedding lost, Marriage gained
Dedicated to My husband 

Submitted by Stacey

We fell in love fast. We met on Canadian woman, American man ..we knew what we had would be second to none and we had to be together. I quit my job, left my home, my family and friends. Boarded a flight to NY and met him face to face. I never looked back. I found my home in him. We were set to wed May of 07. We saved and scrimped and built a beautiful destination wedding and honeymoon into an all inclusive trip to punta cana. We packed, we showed up at the airport and Delta airlines would not let us board. It seems while we stood 3 feet in front of the check in counter, hearts racing, waiting in line for our turn- They moved up the boarding time with no announcement to us. We were next in line. We got to the counter and they would not let us board. They closed the boarding while we stood in front of them. They only option they gave us was to pay an additional 2500.00 to fly out the next day. We didn’t have the money and doing so would have been moot as we woul
have missed our wedding ceremony. We lost 3000.00, and our wedding/honeymoon. A judge married us in the dismal and quiet court house. I have my husband, he has my heart, but something was lost that day, and we just cant seem to get it back. We should have went to Hawaii and we dream of the day it may be possible to honeymoon there together, and the day we can feel like newly weds.