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Love Stories of Hawaii – Never Say Never

Second Chance Love
I will be loved someday
Dedicated to My Future Husband 

Submitted by Anonymous

I have been a very lucky person.

My mother was ill during most of my childhood. However, God answered my prayer after sixteen years of battling with her illness. Like a miracle fell off from sky, she started to get better. After I went off to college, with twists and turns of destiny, one of my sisters was diagnosed with bi-polar manic-depression. It was a really dark, fearful time of my life. Seeing my parents getting older with worries and gray hair, my heart aches not knowing if the peace and happiness will ever return, especially after each of my sister’s manic-depressive episodes. Again, after ten years of emotional pains, our prayers were answered. My sister was getting better after sometime of serious treatments and she is even happily married now.

During all those hard times, I fell in love with my college sweetheart, who joined Navy after college. His first assignment was in Honolulu, Hawaii. It was the really happy time in my life. He proposed to me while we were strolling down Waikiki Beach during sunset. Unfortunately, he left me after a few years of engagement, because I was focusing too much on my family.

After everyone in my family moved on with their lives, I picked myself up with sad and happiness, relocated to California. Immediately I fell in love with another guy, whom we both thought were brought together by fate, because he was my childhood friend from high school. Unfortunately, I had to leave him after months of dating, for his sweet, yet abusive nature. By this time, I just could not handle more of emotional turmoils with anyone.

So here I am, found myself alone again. But I believe in God, He placed number of emotional challenges in my life, I hope that He has not forgotten to connect me with a true love.

I’ve always think back the time when I visited Hawaii, full of hope and happiness. All that green trees, swaying with the sound of wind, like youngsters cheering for arrival of spring time.
Although I am not married nor dating seriously, but I’ll never give up the hope of finding that special someone , have our honey moon in the place of my dream- Hawaii!