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Love Stories of Hawaii – Never Say Never

First Love
Dedicated to My “one”… 

Submitted by JezTears streamed down my face, leaving a sticky trail upon my cheeks as your words hit me like a high kick to the chest. I couldn’t understand why you wanted to end it like that. Okay, okay, maybe for two high school teenagers growing up in Hawaii, I was taking things too seriously. Do you still remember when we met in our freshman year? That beautiful August day, under the banyan trees? Our eyes locked, and I knew you would be unattainable. I still remember reading Romeo and Juliet next to you in English that year. You were such a clown. You’re still a clown, but then again, freshman year was only two years ago.

Remember the day you asked me to be your girlfriend? We were at that crazy party we both found to be so boring and distasteful that we sat outside to stargaze, and I was grieving over my latest three week relationship. You asked why I was sad over something trivial, and I began to cry. You took my face in your hands and wiped my cold tears away with your thumbs. As soon as your touch left me, it felt as though I was burned where you had touched me, except it felt great. A surge of butterflies erupted in my tummy as I unsuccessfully tried to surpress a giggle. My heart began to sound like a tahitian drum at a touristy luau as you took my hand. My pulse raced as you stared into my eyes, as if you were searching for something undesirable. From there, we took off at lightspeed, not caring who or what got in our way. We conquered rumors, lies, and disagreements. That was a lot to say for a couple of high school sophomores. Remember that day you almost broke up with me because I was crying? I wanted you to come and hold my hand, but you weren’t psychic. That was the day I realized that you would be the one to teach me to love selflessly. It was you who taught me that relationships can’t always go my way. It takes two, right, Kyoki-kun? I know you hate your middle name, but I love it.

I really don’t know why I’m writing this, but I do know that for the three years I’ve known you, I’ve liked you for one, and loved you for two. Soon, two will be three, then three will be four, and so on til the end of time. First love is called first love for a reason; there will always be another, but no matter what, your first love will never end. If it does, then it wasn’t your first love, right Kyoki-kun?