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Love Stories of Hawaii – Never Say Never

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First Meeting
If Only I’d Met You Sooner
Dedicated to Mark Trujillo
Submitted by Eileen

To walk along a beach with sand as fine as silk,
a soft warm rain at the noon time of day.
Creates a bath like scenerio, steamy and hot,
romantic nap time dreams, in the middle of play.

Waterfalls at many hidden cove like hideaways,
seashell adorned beaches and coves.
Sealife so friendly if you’ve a snack in mind,
they will swarm you with beauity in droves.

A beauitful people with culture and dance,
so friendly in nature you will find.
At first meeting they won’t even hesitate
To adore you in a lay of flowers in kind.

To walk along a boardwalk, greenery everywhere,
Rugged landscaping layered by black rock
Islands have weathere many of storms,
Only beauty remaines after such volcanic shock.

What remains to be seen is a wonderment of sight
If your inclined that this is the spot to see
You must make a trip to the wonderful,
only one place…

by eileen gjerde


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