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Love Stories of Hawaii – Never Say Never

One sided love
Dedicated to My Love 

Submitted by Anonymous

“One sided love”

I had heard of love at first sight but never knew that it exists in real world, till the day I saw him, he was someone whom my restless eyes were looking for since so long. We were in the same class but had completely opposite personalities he was outspoken enthusiastic and active in short he was Mr. Popular of the college and I was shy, simple and very low profile. I never had guts to speak to him as I was scared that he would dislike me, for four years he did not even notice my presence one day he called my name & I was shocked, stunned and amused it was surprising that he knew my name…. Thousands of violins started playing n I was still he spoke many things its unbelievable that I could not hear anything except a sentence ” when is your birthday?” I replied on coming Saturday…

From that day till my birthday days were restless and nights were sleepless I thought of him every time I breath, finally the day came it was Friday night he mailed me at 12 o’clock exactly and wished me I was so much sure that he likes me or else he would not have bothered to remember birthday of a classmate n wish her at midnight he asked for my number from my friend and called me up. … My heartbeat still stops when I think of that moment.

We became friends came very close, his each and every act made me believe that I am special for him. I was flying…. busy in my dream world … day he asked me out it was 3rd Feb. 2007 I was looking very pretty he complimented many times I was flattered and after such a wonderful date he asked me a question for which he was doing all those goodie goodie things “Are you.. …? I said “huh what… u know My name is …..” he repeated Are you ……..? I didn’t understand what he was talking about I replied ” I am not getting it what do u want to say please be clear and who is this …..?” and then he said that he was receiving some emails by some gal named …..saying that she loves him n he thought It was me I told him that its not me. After that day he started ignoring me and avoiding my calls I was so restless that what is my fault what have I done why is he is not talking to me … have I done any mistake and then my eyes, which were blind in love ,opened up n whole picture became very clear in
ront of me….my friends made me see his intentions behind all this that how come after four years he realized my presence It was all because he wanted to know whether I am that gal or not so that he could make fun of my feelings in front of his friends and show everybody that all girls are crazy about him L he broke my heart in such a brutal way that I would never ever dare to fall in love again!

We all should make one thing clear in our minds that ;
” One sided love is just like two parallel lines which never intersect at any point”