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Love Stories of Hawaii

A Shared Ceremony
Dedicated to All Young Lovers 

Submitted by Colleen

The conch is blown announcing that something important is about to happen. Strangers to the islands hear the sound but are unfamiliar with the significance of what they hear. They are drawn to the sandy shores by the sound even as they wonder why there is a crowd. That is when, through a parting of the crowd, they see two people facing the ocean. In front of them is a gentleman holding two leis over his arm and in his hand is a book. At this point the strangers realize that they have come upon a sunrise wedding ceremony. Only in Hawaii can you witness the openness of such a ceremony, where anyone passing by is welcome to share in the moment. As the visitors step closer they see that the couple is not as young as they appeared from a distance. In fact, the faces of this couple show the passing of many years. However the love flowing between them is both young and old at the same time. By quietly asking, the visitors discover that both the bride and groom are in their 90’s and the gathering crowd is all there to witness as the couple renews their vows after 50 years of marriage.

Fifty years ago this couple embarked on a voyage that started from this very same beach. Now they are back, inviting all their friends and family to share as they recommit themselves to each other. The visitors attempt to slip away without intruding further. Out of the quiet they hear someone say ‘wait’. Looking up they see that the bride is holding out her hand to them – “come closer”. Trading suddenly shy glances they step forward and are surprised when the woman leans in and whispers “shall we make this a double ceremony?” They young couple had never told each other how they felt. Tears come to their eyes, their fingers touch, and they take a step closer. The pastor smiles and begins the ceremony with “we are gathered here to witness the love and commitment between these two couples…”

After the ceremony was over they young bride looked to the older bride and was about to ask a question. Before the words left her mouth her question was answered – “we waited too long the first time and almost lost each other”. “Love should never have to wait for just the right moment”.