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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Meeting
Only Fate could know
Dedicated to My Wife
Submitted by Anonymous

The captain announced that we would be landing shortly and the cabin crew should make preparations. The stop was unexpected, passengers, as well as myself, were disappointed at the diversion in our flight. Some complained of missed business meetings, connecting flights, or waiting loved ones. I had no real reason to want to return home quickly, other than the thought of my comfortable bed and familiar surroundings. My business meeting in Asia had been stressful, as it had been unsuccessful. I didn’t need to report back to work for several days after I was scheduled to return, so a short layover in Hawaii wasn’t such a big deal.

The plane taxied and came to a stop. The flight attendants reminded us to take our carry-on luggage with us as we departed, and as I reached above my seat to grab ahold of my small bag my hand touched another. I excused myself and pulled my hand away, looking to see who had also reached into the bin above my seat. That’s when my eyes met the most beautiful face I had ever seen. The eyes of the young woman pierced into mine and her small smile of embarassment on her lips matched the pink shade of her flushed cheeks.

“Let me help you with that.” I offered, to which she lowered her eyes and thanked me. I pulled her bag from the overhead bin and handed it gently to her small, outreached hand and we again touched hands.

The stream of passengers behind us pushed, and she was gone, down the aisle and out the door. As I retrieved my own bag, I hurried out to see if I could find her again in the terminal, but she was already gone in the sea of passengers who had no idea where to go and were jammed around the terminal desk.

I was less concerned about the flight and disappointed I had not found the woman who had been seated behind me on the plane, so I searched for the nearest empty seat.

I finally found one and sat, looking out the terminal windows at the beautiful Hawaiian landscape surrounding the airport. There was a breeze blowing the trees, making them look as if they were dancing, and I was mesmerized by them for a second.

I came back to my senses as I realized that someone had taken an empty seat on the other side of the row of chairs. I repositioned myself to provide more room and turned to look behind me, and it was her, the girl from the flight. Embarassed that I was staring at her, I managed to introduced myself and we struck up a conversation.

Neither of us had been to Hawaii and had both always wanted to visit. We shared many common interests that Hawaii could offer, from the rich heritage and history of the islands to the sheer natural beauty that surrounded us. Soon an announcement to all passengers on our flight came over the terminal speakers, informing us that arrangements had been made for some passengers on another flight and the remaining passengers would be housed in a nearby local hotel until a seat on another flight could be found. They were asking for volunteers to stay, to which both she and I quickly responded.

The airline offered to find us a seat on the next available flight, but neither of us jumped at the opportunity. In fact, we both decided to spend the next three days in Hawaii, exploring the beaches, visiting historical sites, and experiencing the romance only Hawaii can offer.

We have been happily married ten years and have two wonderful children. Had our flight not been forced to land in Hawaii we would have never met, but of course, all things have a reason, and this is a reason that only fate could know.