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Love Stories of Hawaii

My first trip to Hawaii
Dedicated to Melanie
Submitted by Brian

We met about two years ago and were planning a trip to Hawaii. I had planned on asking her to marry me. I had bought the ring and held on to it for two months and I was never sure on when and where to ask. I was looking forward to our trip to Hawaii and I didn’t know if I could wait that long. During the time I got the ring and the time I gave it to her, She’d be amazed how many times that I wanted to ask her, it could be something little that she would do, so little as a small smile between the two of us that would melt my heart. Like a secret that only the two of us could share.

Once we arrived in Hawaii, I knew that I had to ask her to marry me there. This oasis is so much more beautiful than I ever could have imagined. I was so glad I had waited. This island means so much to her. She was raised here and this is where a lot of her family still lives.

The first few days of riding around the island and absorbing all the beauty was so breathtaking that I still dream of it every night. I knew I was going to ask her to spend the rest of our lives together, but I wasn’t sure where I was going to ask her. I wanted it to be special for both of us. We were all over the island with her ring in my pocket waiting for that right moment and place.

It hit me like a ton of bricks. While out one night with her Dad, we were walking through all the beautiful older hotels in Waikiki. We were in the Royal Hawaii when her Dad told us that is where her Mom worked when they met. I knew this was the place immediately!

Once again, I had the ring in my pocket as we set out on a sunset cruise. She is just so beautiful that she makes me speechless. When we got off the boat I wanted to walk up the beach. God, I was so nervous, but she never knew. Once outside the Royal Hawaii Hotel beach, with a little bit of the sunset before us. I took her in my arms and held her for awhile. Later she told me she could feel my heart pounding in my chest. I got down on my knee and I took the ring out and I told her how much she meant to me.

We were so caught up in the moment that I forgot to ask her to marry me and we still can’t remember what was said. I do know we were crying and hugging and proclaiming our love to each other.

We will be one on September 7 of this year, on her parents anniversary, in Oahu with our families present. I don’t know of such a lucky man.