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Love Stories of Hawaii

First Meeting
What’s In A Name
Dedicated to Loren
Submitted by Prince

She told me her name was “Hawaii.” How stupid, I thought. Right up there in the annals of stupid names parents give their kids, like “Rainbow,” “Moonbeam,” and “Ralph.” So I said to her, “Hawaii. What a beautiful name.” She smiled, and our blind date officially began.

Our mutual friend Donald set us up. The time, the place, everything was Donald’s doing. He did not tell me her name, however. He must have anticipated my disdain.

Over drinks at the Dresden, I fell in love with Hawaii. Her charm, her intelligence, and that smile-a smile that stretched for miles. But the thing that cinched it was this observation she made: “I like the way your eyebrows wiggle when you laugh.” No one ever noticed that before. And I figured that a woman with a knack for details was exactly the type of woman I was looking for.

“Thank you, Hawaii,” I said.

She smiled again. “You’re welcome, Dakota.”