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Love Stories of Hawaii

Truly “Honey”
Dedicated to My true “honey” and wife, Twila 

Submitted by Brantley

Two years ago my wife and I took a trip to Hawaii in an attempt to get our relationship back on track. We drastically needed a new experience for just the two of us as our jobs and family kept us both very busy, too busy for each other. This trip was just what the doctor prescribed and our memory of this event is grand. I remember that as my wife and I sat in our wicker chairs on a warm sandy beach we could not help but be excited because we were finally living out a dream that we have had for the past 20 years. We were both young when we married and never spent much time away from our kids alone. Unfortunately, our first honeymoon was not very “honey”! Something was different about this one. As the wind trickled through our hair and the moon light beamed down on us a new feeling that we had never experienced came over us. We looked at each other more in love than ever before. Was it just knowing we were in romantic Hawaii? Or perhaps it was the natural surrounding, the wind, sand, water, and even the moon light? But, it was much more!!! We were alone with each other in paradise. My wife surely felt this grand new feeling as she playfully tossed her flowered lei gently hitting me in the face. She then quickly ran away for me to catch her. We were like two young children as we ran down the moon lit beach, into the tingling cool water and back into the fragrant jungle of beautiful plants, flowers and trees. I finally caught her beside a gentle waterfall which whimsically danced down the side of a hill into a beautiful pond. We kissed as the magical mist fell upon us pleasantly cooling our bodies. The kiss lasted for what seemed like hours. We had never kissed with so much love. This place and no other had brought out emotions in which we had never felt. We had always been in love of course, but now our feelings were so unique and intense. This place, Hawaii, that was it, it truly put the “honey” into our honeymoon and our lives.